Where did the time go?

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Life moves fast, that’s no surprise. We’re running around from one place to the next in our day-to-day lives, and in between it all we’re often times guilty of having our head down with tech instead of soaking up our surroundings.

What’s worse, is the screen time trickles into precious moments when we’re actually trying to spending time with loved ones as well! It is easy to say "This year I am going to be present in the moment and focusing on the right NOW". It may start off good but then gradually we slide back into checking emails, Facebook and all the other things you have to look at on your phone.

Whew! With all this being said, it can seem overwhelming. I’m sharing 5 ways to unplug and be present day to day:

1. Hang out where there isn’t WiFi.

2. Leave your phone in the other room or flip it over and turn off the ringer.

3. Download an app. This seems counter-intuitive, right? Believe it or not, there are all sorts of apps or plug-ins you can use that help to block technology. There are apps that let you work on the internet and stay on task while keeping you from falling into the Facebook/Twitter/Buzzfeed hole. With a lot of the apps, they have a feature to set a timer and choose what you want to block. If all else fails, turn OFF your notifications.

4. Leave work at work, as much as possible.

5. Fill your time with things you love – your spouse, the kids, the dog or just a good book.

I really love No. 3 myself. I think it’s great to use technology to limit technology! YES you really can!

Here is to making every moment count, Wishing you a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous new year.


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