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Welcome to Liberty Bell Telco

Liberty Bell Telco is a complete telecommunications solution provider with over 15 years of experience. Located in Central Phoenix. We serve clients statewide and across the United States.

Why Liberty?

Time is money and how valuable is your time? 

Liberty Bell Telco will save you time by managing all your telecom requirements and being your single point of contact as part of the overall services we provide. We get to know you and your business, providing your company and associates with a familiar face who also has the experience to manage all your telecom services.

As your total solutions partner, we will provide your business with Clarity, Freedom, and Choice.

We will help you fine-tune your telecom expenses for the best possible use of company dollars.  At no cost to your business, we analyze and thoroughly review your existing services then make recommendations based on your specific business needs.  This process brings Clarity to the services you currently have.


Our approach gives you the Freedom of Choice.  Based on the analysis and review we provide you with multiple options from competing vendors and assist you in understanding the advantages of each.   This gives you the freedom and power to choose the vendor that best fits your business telecom needs at the best cost.

Liberty empowers you to make the right choice at the right cost for your company.

 Clarity - Freedom- Choice 

 That's the Power of the Bell!

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